ER/DR/RD-20 Series Collects Rack

ER/DR/RD-16 Series Collects Rack
July 20, 2017
ER/DR/RD-25 Series Collects Rack
July 20, 2017
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Product ID : UTT-452

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ER/DR/RD-20 Series Collects Rack

Material Cold rolled steel, 12 gauge ( 0.063” Thick)


Hole Diameter 49/64” ( 0.765” )


Tray dimension 4.750 “ X 20.000” X 2.500” ( Height from floor)


Will fit our Lathe scoot


69 Collets capacity


Tray angled at 10 Degree for convenience in handling.


Ideal to mount on work table, holes provided


Black color – powder coated


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